Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is responsible for university systems, software, communication, and equipment used for university business. A full description of the scope of OIT responsibility can be found here.

Latest Updates

Windows 10 Position Statement — Windows 7 for now, no Windows 10 yet. 9/23/2015
Acceptable Use Policy — Updated and expanded. 9/18/2015

About Us

The IT main office is located at the Eighth Street House, 801 Lakewood Avenue, just outside the campus fence. Office hours are 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Instructional Technology staff are located in Jeffries Hall.

Help Desk Email, phone, walk-in service 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2222
Alshiekh, Sari Instructional Technology Support Specialist 144 Jeffries Hall 732-987-2405
Blocker, Naomi Technology Support Specialist 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2222
Carol, Steve Chief Information Officer 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2414
Donnelly, Gerald Audiovisual Technology Support Specialist 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2409
Earls, Richard Telecomm/Systems Administrator 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2401
Futrell, Rich Programmer/Analyst 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2408
Kappler, Alan Programmer/Analyst 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2208
Krischer, Scott Technical Director 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2353
Lisowsky, Peter Director of Administrative Systems 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2352
Marino, Kathleen Director of Instructional Technology 144 Jeffries Hall 732-987-2404
Moglia, Ken Technology Support Specialist 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2466
Penzone, Jason Director of User Services 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2403
Rzeplinski, John Technology Support Specialist 801 Lakewood Ave 732-987-2407