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Georgian Court Green Force

Blue and Gold Makes Green

In alignment with the Sisters of Mercy’s commitment to reverencing the Earth and working more effectively toward the sustainability of life, as well as to GCU’s commitment to justice, integrity and respect both for people and the environment, GCU is moving to increase the sustainability of its landscaping practices on campus. 

We are trying to minimize the carbon footprint of our landscape by reducing the use of powered mowers, leaf blowers and other gas-driven equipment.  We are moving toward planting low maintenance turf grasses which require less fertilizer and irrigation.  We are also looking at changing the way that we maintain some areas of campus to allow a return of some of the native plants and animals that used to thrive in this area.  In addition, we are looking at building rain gardens, installing rain barrels.  We are also researching other mechanisms to manage rainwater and reduce storm flow and nutrient inputs from water draining from campus to local rivers, streams and groundwater.

However, many of the desired practices (raking, weeding, pruning etc) are labor intensive.  In addition, if we desire to increase the wildness of our wild spaces, we feel that it would be desirable if the manicured areas could meet the highest levels of nurture to offset any appearance of lack of stewardship of our campus and its heritage.  We thus need volunteers to help us to tend to the more visible portions of campus using sustainable practices, as well as those to help us vision for the management of the wilder spaces.

 Who are we looking for?

1.  Master gardeners and handypersons who will volunteer to help train and coordinate the effort of other participants in the program (students, faculty, staff and alumni).

2. Volunteers who are interested in learning sustainable landscaping practices and are willing to donate their time and sweat equity to the Georgian Court Community

We would like those volunteering to commit to a regular schedule.   However, some tasks (e.g. leaf raking, weeding) will be highly seasonal, so people who can only volunteer on occasion would be most welcome to join us when needs arise.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Dr. Louise Wootton at or  (732) 987 2349.


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