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September Sustainability Quiz

Send your answers to Dr. Louise Wootton (, Office A+S 170) to be entered in a drawing for prizes including T-shirts, mugs, energy efficient light bulbs and more!   In addition, you can earn points toward a grand prize that will be awarded to the person who correctly answers the most questions on these quizzes over this academic year.

1.  In 2007, GCU became one of the first Universities to join ACUPCC.  What is ACUPCC and what did GCU pledge on joining?  (Hint search for this term on GCU's website!)

2. When you park in A+S you can see one of GCU's solar arrays.  If you look up at the wellness center roof, you will see the tips of yet more solar panels.   How many solar panels in total are there on GCU's campus at this time (We have more coming soon!) and how much of the campus' electric needs do these panels provide?  (again the answer is on GCU's website somewhere!)

3. Which of these isn't an environmental sustainability project at GCU?

    a.  GreenForce volunteer program to promote use of sustainable landscape practices

    b. Green roof on the wellness building to save on heating and cooling costs

    c.  Using low mow lawn areas to promote biodiversity and decrease fertilizer use and mowing

    d. Recycling plastics, paper and cans

    e.  No fair!   GCU is doing ALL of these and more!

4. Check out the website of GCU's dining services provider, Chartwell's.  What two things that they are doing to make eating on campus more sustainable do you think are the coolest / most important?

    For a bonus point, is there anything else you wish that they would do to make food services on campus even MORE sustainable?

5,  Check out GCU's campus ministry's programs.   Choose one of their programs and explain in your own words how it would help to build sustainable communities either locally or around the word.

6. What is the motto of GCU's sustainability minor?

7. At GCU we also emphasize personal sustainability.  You can't help build a sustainable world and help others to meet their needs if you are not taking care of yourself.   Which dimension of wellness is your biggest challenge and what do you plan to do this semester to make sure that you will overcome that challenge?

8.  What activity or program related to sustainability would you like to see happen on campus this year?  (Namin more than one is fine if you have multiple ideas)

Don't forget to put your name and contact information on your entry.  Last date to submit quiz responses is Sept 30.


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