Carex kobomugi Research

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Audrey McGough and I discuss species diversity within our 1m2 plot before starting sampling.  Most of what is in this plot is Carex kobomugi,   the target of this study.

jayandme.jpg (25202 bytes)

Jason Ondreicka and I setting up a quadrat for a clip plot within a Carex bed.

jasonpurvi2.jpg (44182 bytes)

Purvi Patel and Jason Ondreicka take notes while mapping a Carex kobomugi   bed.

jayandaud.jpg (32291 bytes)

Jason Ondreicka and Audrey McGough take measurements of the width of a Carex kobomugi  bed

purviaudrey.jpg (40148 bytes)

Purvi Patel and Audrey taking measurements on a Carex kobomugi   bed

audjaykaty.jpg (33933 bytes)

Audrey, Jason and Katy Bevaart compare data sheets

audkaty.jpg (34111 bytes)

Katy and Audrey measuring the width of a Carex kobomugi   bed

carex.jpg (100613 bytes)

Our "test subject", Carex kobomugi

carexdune.jpg (40862 bytes)

One of the larger stands of Carex kobomugi   at Sandy Hook National Recreational Area

carexpoo.jpg (61970 bytes)

Evidence of animal use of Carex kobomugi   at least as habitat


carexunderbay.jpg (80770 bytes)

Carex  even grows deep under Bayberry bushes

message.jpg (39100 bytes)

Brown paper bags full of clipped samples look a lot like "trash" so we kept our samples well labeled to prevent them being "cleaned up" by well meaning citizens!

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