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Class Schedule
Georgian Court University ‑ Trop

Classes I have taught since coming to Georgian Court

Notes for current course are available via Angel

Undergraduate Classes

Graduate Classes
Biology 110- Biology In Society (On Line only) Biology 506 Evolution and Systematics
Biology 111- Introductory Biology I Bi508  Advanced Ecology

Biology 112 Introductory Biology II

Bi508 Advanced Aquatic Ecology
Biology 201 Biological Literature Biology 509 Biological Statistics
Biology 203 Data Collection and Analysis in the Natural Sciences Biology 512 Ecological Genetics

Biology 325 Zoology

Biology 602 Estuarine Ecology

Biology 439 Aquatic Ecology

Biology 607 Graduate Seminar

Biology 340 Ecology

  Biology 612 Biogeography
Biology 444 Undergraduate Seminar    
Px101 Freshman Seminar