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Conference Schedule

Wednesday July 15

Field Trip to New Jersey’s Coastal Dunes and Maritime Forest

  Thursday July 16
8am Welcome and announcements
8:30 Key Note Address:  Randy Westbrooks and Elizabeth Brabson:  Invasive Species Coming to America – Overview of Traditional Single Agency Led Approaches and Interagency Partnerships for Early Detection and Rapid Response System for Invasive Plants in the United States. 
9:30 Glenn Dreyer: Managing invasive woody plants in maritime forests and meadows
10:10 Break
10:20 Leland Mello and Scott Rabideau:  A Community Response:  Asiatic Sand Sedge (Carex kobomugi) Management at Sachuest Beach, Middletown, Rhode Island
11:00 Lee Rosenberg:   Innovative Dune Management Strategies in Norfolk, VA
11:40 Chuck Gresham:   Beach Vitex along South Carolina's coast; successful eradication of an invasive by cooperation.
12:15 Lunch
1:00 Christopher Miller and Matt Pelligrine.  Cape May Point State Park-A Case Study for Improving the Maritime Forest Community  
1:40 Terry O'Leary:  The Maritime Forest in New Jersey:  A Fragmented Plant Community
2:30 Chuck Grisham:  The Biology of Beach Vitex, Vitex rotundifolia
3:00 Break
3:15 Louise Wootton: Postcards from the Sedge: The Biology of the Invasive Asiatic Sand Sedge (Carex kobomugi ) and its Spread in New Jersey's Coastal Dunes 
3:45 Liza Baskin: Preliminary results of a study comparing the arthropod communities of the invasive Asiatic sand sedge (Carex kobomugi) and native American beach grass (Ammophila breviligulata) in New Jersey’s coastal dunes.
4:30 Jim Burkitt. Impact of the Invasive Carex kobomugi on Native Dune Plant Populations in Undisturbed and Disturbed Areas of the Sandy Hook Unit of Gateway National Recreational Area.
5:15 Poster Session
6:15 Banquet


Barbara Edelhauser:  The Influence of Nitrogen Deposition on the Competition between the Native Ammophila breviligulata and the Exotic, Invasive Carex kobomugi

Jacqueline McCort:  A proposal to remove Carex kobomugi from New Jersey's Coastal Dunes and to restore native vegetation in those areas.

Ken Thoman and Anna Luiten: Beach Management Planning – Management for habitat and high recreation use.

Kevin Mack:  Effect of the Asiatic Sand Sedge (Carex kobomugi) on the growth of seaside goldenrod (Solidago sempervirens)

Louise Wootton and Jim Burkitt: Assessing patterns in spread rate and direction of Carex kobomugi relative to known populations of endangered dune species in order to prioritize management actions for this species in New Jersey. 

Louise Wootton. Rapid Expansion of the Large-Headed Sedge, Carex macrocephala, at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park, Monmouth County, New Jersey

  Friday July 17
8:30 Chris Dolphin:  The Division of Land Use Regulation’s Policy Response to Invasive Species in the Beach and Dune Environment
9:15 Mike Van Clef: Status of the New Jersey Invasive Species Council and Regional Efforts to Prohibit Use of Invasive Species
10:00 Susan Halsey:  Invasive Species Regulations:  Does Carex kobomugi qualify as an Aquatic Nuisance Species?
10:30 Break


Panel Discussion:  Invasive species management policy:  challenges and ways forward. 

Chris Dolphin, Mike Van Clef and Colleen Keller, Panelists. 

Susan Halsey. Moderator


12:00 Lunch
1:00 Les  Merhoff: IPANE (Invasive Plant Atlas of New England):  Connecting Citizens to Science to Create an Early Detection Network for New England
2:00 Doug Jensen: Looking through a different lens:  Aquatic invasive species public education
2:40 Ann Faulds:  Non-indigenous Salvia sp. (sage) advice for educators; a bag of tricks to foster learning about invasive species and aquatic invasive species

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