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Registration and Abstract Submission Information

Registration Form: Invasive Species in Coastal Dunes and Maritime Forests Conference

Georgian Court University. July 16 and 17, 2009

Please print out this form and return it, along with the appropriate payment or credit card information, to

Ms. Mary Cranwell

Director of Conferences & Special Events

Georgian Court University,

900 Lakewood Avenue,

Lakewood, NJ 08723





State:_________ Zip:_________________ Phone:___________________________



Registration Category and fees:

______ Both days early registration (Before June 15) $125

_____ Both days regular / registration (June 15 - July 7) $150

______ Both days late / on site registration (July 7 - 15) $160

One day early registration (Before June 15) ____Thursday (includes banquet) $75

_____ Friday $55

______ Regular One Day Registration (June 15 - July 7) ____Thursday (includes banquet) $85

_____ Friday $65

______ Late One Day Registration (July 7 - 17) ____Thursday (includes banquet) $90

_____ Friday $70

_____ Additional Thursday Night Banquet Tickets for Non-Conference Participants $25

______ Wednesday July 15: Preconference field trip to see NJ’s coastal dunes $30

and maritime forests as well as some of the invasive species within

these habitats (box lunch and bus transportation provided)

Overnight accommodation in the student dormitories at Georgian Court University is available for the duration of the conference. Information on the dormitory facilities, as well as on alternative lodging options in the area is available from the lodging page.

Do you wish to stay in GCU’s dormitories? Yes _________ No __________ (If no, you are responsible for finding your own accommodations if needed)

If yes, which nights would you like to reserve?

Tuesday July 14 (field trip participants only) ___________ $35 single occupancy $50 double occupancy (2 twin beds / room)

Wed July 15 ____________ $35 single occupancy $50 double occupancy (2 twin beds / room)

Thurs July 16____________ $35 single occupancy $50 double occupancy (2 twin beds / room)

Fri July 17 __________ $35 single occupancy $50 double occupancy (2 twin beds / room)

Total (add $ for all items requested) ________________________________________

Please send payment as a check made payable to Georgian Court University, or if you prefer to charge to your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), please provide us with the following information:

Credit Card Number ___________________________________________________

Security Code ______________ Expiration Date ___________________________

Signature __________________________________________________________________

Conference attendees are encouraged to submit oral or poster presentations that pertain to one of the four conference themes.

Abstract Due Date is June 15, 2009.

Would you like to make a presentation? ______ Yes ______ No

If Yes, please be sure to fill out and mail in the presentation information, below, along with this form.


Primary Author:_______________________________________________________

Preferred Type of Presentation: _____ Oral _____ Poster

Theme: (if your presentation could fit under more than one of these please number those themes in order of preference)

_____ Management _____ Policy

_____ Education / Outreach _____ Basic Science

There are a limited number of slots for oral presentations within each theme. If you have requested an oral presentation, are you willing make a poster presentation instead?

_____ Yes _____ No

Equipment Needs: For oral presentations, standard AV equipment is a computer projector. If you need any other equipment, please describe below. Easels will be provided for poster display. If your poster presentation will require any other services, such as access to electrical power or a table, please indicate below and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

On a separate sheet, please provide the following information about your proposed presentation:

Authors: Enter author names followed by their addresses in the same order as the authors’ names appear. Put the last name of the first author first, then the first name(s) and similarly for additional authors. Please put an asterisk next to the presenter’s name.

Title and Abstract: Please limit TITLE to 250 CHARACTERS. Please limit ABSTRACT to 250 WORDS.


Wootton, Louise* and Burkitt, Jim. Georgian Court University, Lakewood NJ 08701 and Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ 07738

Title: Assessing patterns in spread rate and direction of Carex kobomugi relative to known populations of endangered dune species in order to prioritize management actions for this species in New Jersey

The invasive Asiatic sand sedge, Carex kobomugi, is spreading rapidly in New Jersey’s coastal dunes, where it is having a strong, negative effect on the abundance and diversity of native flora. Currently there is no active management plan for the species, nor is one planned. Starting in 2002, we have been working to create a species inventory using dGPS mapping and GIS-based data processing. Comparison of polygons denoting population sizes at each sampling interval will be used to look for patterns in the rates and direction of spread of this species. For example, are certain populations in New Jersey spreading faster than others? If so, can those patterns be related to physical characteristics of sand dune habitats such as prevailing winds or longshore ocean currents? We also plan to combine our data with existing databases of the locations of threatened and endangered species. This information will, in turn, be used to help direct future management efforts to areas where they will have maximum benefit. For example, areas predicted to be at high risk of future invasion should be subjected to intensive monitoring to allow for early detection. Similarly, new populations should be targeted for rapid response (manual removal, herbicide application, etc.). In addition, removal of populations presenting particularly strong threats to threatened and endangered species should be prioritized. Finally, the population inventory that we generate for C. kobomugi will provide a benchmark against which future expansion of the species, or the effectiveness of future management efforts, can be measured.

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