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Mat Weaving
Reed Pen
Appliqué Art

Art Lesson Plans

Weaving mats from Phragmites  stems and leaves

Creating pens from Phragmites  similar to those which revolutionized the writing systems of Ancient Egypt

Phragmites Appliqué:  Creating a collage reminiscent of the "poor man’s gilding" straw art of New Mexico using Phragmites  stems and leaves

Learn about use of color symbolism in different cultures through creation of a Phragmites  bead necklace

Other ideas: 


Have students create a decorative version of the name cartouche that they develop in their social science class


Have students create a painting of a marsh before or after invasion by Phragmites


Have students create a picture page for their Phragmites newspaper

bulletHave students paint / draw / build a model of a scene from Feudal Medieval Europe

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