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DATE: July 16-17 | FEE: $150 | ORGANIZERS: Louise Wootton (GCU) & Peter Rowe (NJMSC/NJSG)

Our First Success Story!:  Early Discovery, Rapid Response to a new population of Sea Beach Vitex by Conference Participant, Jonathon Chase was made possible because Jon had learned to recognize this species while attending this conference.  Read the Story Here

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Location: Georgian Court University, 900 Lakewood Avenue, Lakewood NJ 08701

Keynote Speaker: Randy Westbrooks: Invasive Species Prevention Specialist U.S. Geological Survey. South Carolina.

Purpose: Along the Atlantic Coast of the United States, coastal dune and maritime forest habitats have been significantly altered or degraded by human activities. Since many of the plant species found in these habitats are found nowhere else, reduction of these areas is making these species increasingly rare. Exotic and invasive species pose a major threat to ecological function in these dwindling habitats. Professionals dealing with these ecosystems rarely have the opportunity to meet, exchange information, and share expertise. This conference will bring together interested academics, managers, and environmental professionals and practitioners to share information about effective management strategies and work together to generate recommendations for policies and strategies to effectively combat the spread of these invasive species.

Presentations: In addition to the keynote and other invited speakers, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, there is room for a limited number of submitted presentations, as well as a poster session showcasing work that addresses one or more of the following conference themes:

bulletBasic Biology of Invasive Species: Focus on the latest scientific advances (impacts, expansion, genetics, etc.) of key invasive species of dunes (e.g. Carex kobomugi  and Vitex rotundifolia ) and maritime forests (e.g. Rosa multiflora, Celastrus orbiculata, and Elaeagnus umbellata ).
bulletManagement/Prevention: Focus on case studies, best management practices, and lessons learned in regards to management of invasive species in these habitats.
bulletPolicy: Focus on challenges and roadblocks in policy that limit response to coastal invasive species and on development of better policies for invasive species management in these unique environments.
bulletPublic Education: Focus on successful education and outreach programs about best practices for managing existing invasive species and avoiding future introductions in coastal habitats, and use of alternative native plantings, targeted at nurseries and landscape professionals, teachers, and homeowners, etc.

For more information please contact
Louise Wootton at 732.987.2349 or  

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