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Phragmites Kickball

Estimated Time Frame: One class period

Subjects:  Physical Education

Grade Level:  6,7,8 

Introduction:  This lesson plan provides students with an opportunity to practice teamwork skills and movement through running bases.  It also provides a reinforcement activity for content covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards

STANDARD 2.5 (Motor Skill Development) All students will utilize safe, efficient, and effective movement to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Movement Skills


Demonstrate developmentally appropriate form when using movement skills in applied settings.


Demonstrate the use of force and motion to impact the quality of physical movement.


Employ the principles of space, effort, and relationships to modify movement. 


Modify movement in response to dynamic, interactive environments. 


Use visual and verbal cues to improve performance during a physical activity. 


Evaluate the critical elements of a movement skill or skill combination and provide appropriate feedback.


Apply a learned skill to another movement setting.


Perform planned movement sequences based on a theme and using rhythm or music

Sportsmanship, Rules, and Safety


Compare the roles and responsibilities of participants and observers and recommend strategies to improve behavior, participation, and enjoyment.


Summarize general and specific activity rules, describe how they enhance participation and safety, and follow them during activities.


Select, use, and care for equipment used during physical activity.

STANDARD 2.6 (Fitness) All students will apply health-related and skill-related fitness concepts and skills to develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.


Achieving and Assessing Fitness


Engage in moderate to vigorous forms of physical activity that address each component of fitness.

Activity also serves to reinforce core content from other learning units.

 Performance/Behavioral Objectives:

bulletSWBAT use prior knowledge to answer flashcard questions
bulletSWBAT work in teams to achieve home runs

Materials and resources:

bulletMarkers for four bases
bulletA ball
bulletFlashcards  (a link to the questions on these cards is coming soon!)

Anticipatory Set

Teacher will inform students they will be playing kickball with a flashcard twist.

Sequence Instruction

  1. There will be four bases in the gym including the home plate. The teacher will assign members of the class to two teams.

  2. The pitcher will pitch the ball to the student on base and that student will kick the ball into the field.

  3. The fielders’ objective is to quickly retrieve the ball and get it back to the pitcher. When the pitcher has the ball the runner must stop.

  4. One the kicker stops the teacher will approach the kicker and the closest baseman. The teacher will select a flashcard with a social science, science or math question on it (questions are based on content covered in lessons completed by students elsewhere in this curriculum unit) and read the question on it and the choices for the answer.  Once all the options have been read, the kicker and baseman will be challenged to answer the question.

  5. If the kicker beats the baseman in calling out the correct response, s/he stays on base.  However, if the baseman has the quickest correct response, the kicker is out.

  6. The teacher will make sure to switch up the basemen to give each student the opportunity to answer questions

  7. Teacher will keep track of the runs scored.

Accommodation and Modifications


Any student with a learning disability will be given a partner to coach them when they need to answer a question


Any student in a wheelchair will be given a partner to kick for them. The student in the wheelchair will run the bases.


Any student with a visual impairment will be given a partner to kick and guide them to a base.

Closure: I just want to thank you for your cooperation. I also want to thank you for playing a safe, fun and educational version of kickball

TEACHER FEEDBACK REQUEST:  We are always to working to improve these lesson plans. If you use this lesson plan, we'd love to hear from you with your thoughts, comments and suggestions for future improvements.  Please take the time to fill in our survey at .  Thanks!

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