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Time and Space
Strange Days

Social Science Lesson Plans
bulletPhragmites  in Time and Space
bulletReview of A.D./ B.C. / B.C.E. / C.E. / B.P.
bulletTimeline Activity
bulletSurvey of history and geography of human use of  Phragmites  provides a quick overview of the development of human civilizations around the world after the last ice age.


bulletThe role of Phragmites  in revolutionizing the writing systems of ancient Egypt 
bulletIntroduction to symbolic representation of language and some of the challenges involved in developing an effective writing system
bulletIntroduction to hieroglyphics
bulletEvolution of hieratic and demotic texts
bulletRole of technology in shaping symbol systems


bulletLife in Anasazi Pueblo culture
bulletIntroduction to Pueblo culture- when and where
bulletActive visualization of life toward the end of the Anasazi civilization


bulletLife in Medieval Europe 
bulletIntroduction to feudalism in Europe
bulletThe feudal power pyramid
bulletStudents will hone their research skills as they investigate the lives of people of different levels of social status within a feudal kingdom


bulletTranscontinental Phragmites
bulletAn exploration of US Geography through following the invasion of Phragmites  across the US Continent
bulletLinking human activity with transport / introduction of invasive species


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